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Navigating through the world of real estate and business investments and acquisitions in Florida can be a daunting task, especially if you have no previous experience as a real estate or business investor.  Florida real estate investing is one of the hottest topics on the internet, yet very few real estate professionals in Florida can truly guide you through the acquisitions and project management process, which are a huge part of starting a real estate investment business in Florida.


If you are looking for an income, business or commercial real estate investment in Florida, use one of our resources to help get you started.  For real estate acquisitions, consult BAPG for a one-on-one review of your real estate investment plan. 

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Real Estate Transactions

Assisting homeowners with the sale of their home through our seven step strategy to maximize the value, while marketing to only qualified buyers.


Assisting property buyers with the process of purchasing their first home, investment property or a below market fixer-upper.


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Order a Roof Appraisal Report NOW

Used by mortgage companies, insurance companies, new home buyers, current home owners and real estate investors.


We can install your roof or supervise your roofer of choice through our licensed and insured division:

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Professional Project Management


We specialize in managing projects for property owners and investors, providing accountability with contractors, subcontractors  and reducing the overall cost of the project for the client.


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Real Estate Investment Strategies


As an investor, you understand that not all investments are secure. We guarantee our investors a solid return while eliminating the rigorous management side of real estate.


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