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Certified Roofing Contractor

Florida License # CCC1329453

Bay Atlantic Roofing, LLC offers professional roofing services performed and managed by a licensed & insured Florida Certified Roofing Contractor.


Call us at 561.898.1498 or email us at for your individual  Roof Appraisal Report.  Use this to determine the value of the roof based on the existing condition.  This report is utilized by mortgage companies, home-buyers, realtors, real estate investors, insurance companies, and homeowners.


This report is most often used after a major storm.  The report may reveal whether a new roof is warranted or if a repair is needed.  As always, the financial investment of the report will be applied towards the balance of the job upon completion.

Sustainable Roof Tile
Sustainable Roof Coatings

Finance Your Roof with PACE

Bay Atlantic Roofing offers our customers financing options for roofs of any type: metal, tile, shingle and even sustainable/energy efficient roof coatings.  PACE financing through RenewPACE allows you to pay for your roof upgrade through your property taxes.  Call us at 561.898.1498 to learn more about RenewPACE.

You may be eligible for up $250,000 in financing for energy efficiency upgrades in Broward County.

Bay Atlantic Roofing metal roofs
Bay Atlantic Roofing shingle roofs
Florida Roofing Contractor
Contact Bay Atlantic Living after a storm or damage

Contact Bay Atlantic Roofing after a major storm or hurricane. If you don't know what to do after filing a claim, we will guide you through the process. Contact Bay Atlantic Roofing after a storm to schedule an appointment for a free consultation.

Watch the following video from the Weather Channel on why hurricane categories make a difference when it comes to preparing and protecting your home in the event of a hurricane. Take hurricane warnings seriously and contact Bay Atlantic Roofing after a major storm.

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