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Attention Sellers!

If you are considering listing your property, call (954) 204-1696 for a FREE Valuation Report.

Jason has been working in the real estate industry since 1999 and provides valuable insights about the real estate market using proven methods to sell a property quickly.


Ask us how you can MAXIMIZE your home value with our Listing Package.

We offer the following advantages when you list with us:

  • Preliminary Inspection

  • Preliminary Appraisal

  • Value-Added Renovations

  • Strategic Marketing Campaign

  • Quick Closing

Current Homeowners

When it comes to listing and eventually selling a house, finding the right realtor is often times like getting married right after the first date. You feel pressured to sign the moment you meet, without having a chance to properly evaluate the agent you are about to be locked-in with, possibly up to a year. We will NEVER ask you to sign a contract of any kind on our initial meeting. In fact - you tell us when you are ready.  


Our philosophy is simple, yet extremely unique:  We Are Your Business Partner

And as Partners, contracts will only be signed if there is a mutual benefit for all parties. 

The moment you consider selling your home, it no longer becomes YOUR home. It is now a real estate investment transaction, which then becomes our job to maximize your return. Bay Atlantic will immediately make all necessary investments (financial, labor, material, appraisals, etc.). Your job is simple - keep the property clean and always available to show. If renovations are too intense or you must relocate and time is not on your side, we will even advance you funding for moving expenses (at 0% interest).


Our goal is one in the same:

Increase the value of the property beyond the cost of doing business and to sell it ASAP!


Once renovations are complete, our realtor, Jason McLendon from The K Company Realty and his team will aggressively market and list your property for sale. Jason will host open houses, meet with appraisers, inspectors, work with the title company, process the paperwork and handle negotiations.  

Contact Jason direct: jasonmclendonrealtor@gmail.com

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