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Financing through RenewPACE

You have been noticing all the new roofs that have been popping up in your neighborhood and you wish you could get a new roof for your house.  You wonder "How can I pay for a new roof?" Bay Atlantic Roofing has the answer. 


Bay Atlantic Roofing offers our customers financing options for roofs of any type: metal, tile, shingle and even sustainable/energy efficient roof coatings. PACE financing through RenewPace allows you to pay for your roof upgrade through your property taxes. Call us at (954) 204-1696 or email at to learn more about RenewPACE.

What is PACE financing?

PACE is a financing program approved by your state and authorized by your local government. However, funds to secure the financing come from private companies not affiliated with your local government.


PACE financing lets you make home improvements quickly, easily, and affordably. You pay the money back over time, as part of your property taxes. And you qualify based on the equity in your home — not your credit score. PACE features a speedy approval process, flexible payment terms, and access to trusted home improvement contractors that Renew Financial carefully screens and selects.


With PACE, you can install solar panels, replace windows and doors, upgrade your roof, or make other energy-efficient and home safety improvements.

You qualify for PACE based on the equity in your home. Finance as much as 20% of your property value, up to $250,000. With RenewPACE financing, you can receive 100% financing for energy efficiency, renewable energy, water-saving, and resiliency upgrades, repaid on your property taxes over the course of 5-25 years. 

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PACE financing n South Florda

Tax credits, rebates, and other incentives

You may be able to benefit from available Federal Investment Tax Credits (ITCs), utility rebates and any other incentives. Bay Atlantic Roofing and Renew Financial are not able to provide any assistance or information on specific rebates that may be available.  Consult a tax professional for more details.

How do contractors get paid?

Renew Financial will pay your contractor, in this case Bay Atlantic Roofing, directly, but not until you provide final approval for the work completed.

APPLY TODAY and get that new roof you have been dreaming of.

You may be eligible for up $250,000 in financing for energy efficiency upgrades in Broward County.

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