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Instant Buyers (i-Buyers) are cash buyers who typically offer to buy residential property As-Is and often times, at or around market value.  There are pros and cons when dealing with cash buyers, so be prepared and well represented... That's where our team comes in!

Our team at Bay Atlantic provides over 20 years of experience in the real estate industry, including 15 years of professional marketing experience, benefiting our clients at every step of the way.


Pros of the i-Buyer Experience:

  • Close in as little as 15 business days

  • Sell your property in As-Is condition

  • Obtain a market value offer

  • Choose your own closing date

Cons of the i-Buyer Experience:

  • i-Buyers do not represent you or your best interest

  • They will want to call all of the shots

  • You will have to use their closing services

  • Your initial offer may change due to inspections or home evaluation results

  • The market value offer may not be based on a neutral appraisal

  • Weasel Clauses - Allows the i-buyer to escape from the contract for a number of reasons

  • Lack of communication from transaction managers


The list of Cons is not intended to scare off or intimidate a seller, but a reminder that most of these issues can be avoided with proper representation. Our team will match you up with multiple i-Buyers that we have personal connection with and handle all of the legwork for you, from the initial request to the final day of closing.

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Our Listing Package is GUARANTEED to MAXIMIZE your home value and create a stress-free experience.

Key advantages you can expect from our team:

  • Preliminary Inspection

  • Preliminary Appraisal

  • Value-Added Renovations

  • Strategic Marketing Campaign

  • No Unexpected Fees

  • Quick Closing

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Who are i-Buyers?

Current Property Owners

When it comes to listing and eventually selling a property, finding the right real estate professional is often times like getting married right after the first date. You feel pressured to sign the moment you meet, without having a chance to properly evaluate the agent you are about to be locked-in with, possibly up to a year. We will NEVER ask you to sign a contract of any kind on our initial meeting.

In fact - you tell us when you are ready.  


Our philosophy is simple, yet extremely unique:  We Are Your Business Partner

And as Partners, contracts will only be signed if there is a mutual benefit for all parties. 


Custom Marketing Plan

As your Partner, we will develop a customized marketing plan that meets your needs. 

Our marketing system operates like a well-oiled machine. Because no two houses are exactly alike, you can expect a custom marketing and sales plan from our team. As your partner, Bay Atlantic will incur all upfront expenses and costs to properly sell your property. Finally, we are compensated ONLY when you are compensated...  At the closing table.

Flat Rate Plan

We operate our business as a professional marketing company. With over 15 years of digital marketing experience, our team is well-versed on the latest marketing techniques the industry has to offer. The system itself allows our team to streamline many of the responsibilities, thereby saving our clients thousands of dollars in commissions. 

Renovation Plan

Depending on the circumstances, Bay Atlantic may be able to maximize your property by making all necessary investments (financial, labor, material, etc.) into the property. Your job is simple - keep the property clean and always available to show. If renovations are too intense or you must relocate and time is not on your side, we will even provide advanced funding for moving expenses. 


Finance Plan 

If you partner with Bay Atlantic, you will qualify for the Renovation Plan along with our 0% Finance Plan, which includes all pre-paid moving expenses needed to vacate the property. This is typical of out-of-state moves, property flips or pre-foreclosures. Once again, compensation occurs only at closing.

Our goal is one in the same:

Increase the Value, Maximize Profits and Sell it ASAP!


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veteran & Military-friendly Business

Jason D. McLendon, U.S. Air Force veteran, is the owner and operator of Bay Atlantic Living. Jason's expertise within the real estate and construction industry has been enhanced by his educational endeavors.

He holds a Bachelor of Urban Design from Florida Atlantic University and an MBA from Nova Southeastern University. As an Urban Designer, Licensed Realtor, Licensed Community Association Manager and a Certified Roofing Contractor, Jason has established Bay Atlantic Living as one of Florida's premiere one-stop real estate advisory services. 


As a veteran-friendly realtor, brokered by LoKation Real Estate, Jason is passionate about helping his fellow veterans and serving them with professionalism and honesty throughout the real estate transaction process.