Bay Atlantic Contracting

Professional Project Management


Bay Atlantic Contracting offers professional project management services for homeowners, contractors and developers. We are licensed & insured under the brand of Bay Atlantic Roofing, LLC. 


Call us at (954) 204-1696 or email us at to determine whether Bay Atlantic Contracting suits your needs for a future project.

Types of Projects

Often times, BAC is hired by homeowners to facility the project management of a renovation or remodeling job. Overwhelmed property owners who want to flip or renovate an income property, hire our team to alleviate the burden of managing the day-to-day operations and to keep costs from exceeding the initial budget. 

Services We Offer

When you hire BAC, you have literally hired a partner to facilitate every facet of the project, with your best interests at heart. We assist with all aspects of the project, from the planning stage to the release of lien.


Structure of Stages

  1. Planning

  2. Design

  3. Regulation Process

  4. Scheduling

  5. Material Order

  6. Supervision of Contractors & Crews

  7. Sign-off of Job Completion

  8. Collection and Disbursement of Funds

  9. Lien Release 



If you have been burned by a contractor in the past, you will in fact empathize with our position on this topic. We hold contractors, subcontractors and sub-sub contractors accountable for the job they were hired to do. We regulate and manage the permit process, check for current liability and workers comp insurance. We also clear out lien releases once the job has been completed and paid in full. This may also pertain to material suppliers and vendors.  There are a number of transactions that occur during a project and relying on the word of a general contractor is not enough.  Allow BAC to bare the burden of responsibility for your project. 


Don't put yourself in a position to fail. Our team has the experience you need to turn your property into a listing worth bidding over.  Our professional marketing team and renovation squad can put together a plan for you to essentially "flip" your own home, with Bay Atlantic acting as your partner throughout this exciting adventure. PAY ABSOLUTELY NOTHING for our services until after the closing, by listing your property with Bay Atlantic Property Group.